Water Heater Repair & Installation Fort Myers FL

We install and service all residential and commercial gas and electric water heaters, including all tank and tankless models from such manufacturers as Rheem, State, AO Smith, Bradford White, and others. Our skilled technicians can install, maintain or repair any water heater you may have. Call us today for any of your water heater repair or installation in Fort Myers or in Southwest Florida needs.

  • Temperature and pressure relief valves – these valves are designed to relieve, or “blow off”, pressure if a water heater gets overheated. As a water heater overheats, it builds up pressure. If this safety device fails to work on demand, serious consequences such as personal injury or death and massive property damage can occur. We recommend these valves be replaced every three years to prevent this from happening.
  • Annual flushing of your water heater – Over time, your water heater will collect sediment made up of calcium, scale, iron and other impurities that can build up on the bottom of your tank. We recommend your water heater be flushed once a year. Bacteria can also start to grow in this environment, so it is also a best practice to sanitize your tank, particularly if it is ten years or older.
  • Check the thermal expansion tank – When your water heater heats up, the water gets hotter and expands which actually creates more water that needs to go somewhere. In a “closed” system this extra water caused by thermal expansion cannot escape and builds pressure in your pipes, fittings, faucets, and valves that can cause premature failure or even an expensive flood. The thermal expansion tank has a diaphragm or bladder that has air pressure against it. If the air compartment is breached it will become waterlogged and unable to relieve water pressure. Yet another area of concern is that the tank is made of steel and will rust over time. If the rust is excessive, the tank could actually blow up and go through your ceiling. We recommend the thermal expansion tank be checked annually to prevent possible explosion. Never remove your expansion device, as it could severely damage your plumbing system. Indigo Plumbing’s professionals strive to be the best at water heater repair and installation in Fort Myers FL.
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