About Us

Indigo Plumbing has built a rock solid reputation for honesty and fair dealing. We stand for high principles and treat our customers with respect; which is why most of our work comes from previous, satisfied customers and referrals. It’s a reputation we work hard to maintain and are proud of. We service commercial and residential customers and property managers for condos and apartment complexes. We work with individuals and contractors to provide an effective and affordable plumbing service to Southwest Florida.

Plumbing Services in Port Charlotte FL

If you’re thinking of redesigning your home, or portions of it, plumbing could be a major consideration to contend with. Indigo Plumbing can help assist you with design to incorporate the existing plumbing with a new layout to fit your needs.
With our Fort Myers regional plumbing company, you will be guaranteed professional plumbing design for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, without the hassle, headaches or inferior products.

Indigo Plumbing is a repair business that is able to find and fix leaks where others can’t due to our extensive new construction experience and specialized equipment. We offer a wide range of services from repairing leaky faucets to full kitchen and bathroom remodels, new construction and large commercial plumbing installations. We can work within time and financial budgets, providing a quality service every step of the way.

Our business has been built on trust, in combination with efficient and first quality workmanship. Whether we are hired to transform a dated bathroom or kitchen into the custom space of your dreams; we will complete the job with our skilled design and quality build services. We have the skill and the experience to take your vision and create the results that you have always wanted. If you’re planning an outdoor kitchen or retrofitting an area for a new hot tub, we can help you find creative solutions to bring your visions to reality.

Indigo Plumbing's Community Approach

One of our business principles is based around the value and respect that we have for our customer’s home and time. We complete our professional services on time and at budget and always arrive at every job-site with enthusiasm, friendliness and the utmost professionalism.

When Southwest Florida needs plumbing installation advice and work completed for a new laundry room, our customers know that they can rely on the trusted service of Indigo Plumbing. We have built our business on the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, who have returned and referred us throughout Fort Myers and Southwest Florida.

Our Experience and Reputation

Indigo Plumbing is a team of highly experienced, licensed and professional plumbers and technicians, with a passion for the services that they provide to Southwest Florida and its surrounding areas.

The company was founded by Rustin Jenkins, an industry veteran for well over 30 years. Throughout Mr. Jenkins’s career he learned what the community needed most in a plumbing service. Plumbers that hold their services to a higher standard with trust and reliability which local residents can count on.

The Community Counts on Indigo Plumbing

The company has been able to sustain and expand due to it being built on a strong foundation of reliability, trust and knowledge. Indigo Plumbing provides a broad spectrum of services from repairing leaky faucets to major plumbing redesign or replacement. The team has the training to handle nearly every type of plumbing project from new residential construction jobs to large commercial construction and installations.

The company prides their service on their honesty, offering economical solutions. Indigo Plumbing always recommends the most appropriate solution, whether it be repairing existing plumbing versus installing new. The team is creative and possesses the ability to craft solutions to even the most puzzling plumbing piping problems, during the design of a new room, or when problems occur in older homes.