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Water Line Repiping in Fort Myers

Copper piping does not last long here in Southwest Florida, especially when hooked up to Cape Coral’s city water system. Pipes soon become corroded or develop electrolysis, causing leaks. Leaks can often go undetected for months when they are underground. The best investment is to repipe the home when copper pipes first start to leak as more and costlier leaks are sure to follow. Our skilled technicians can usually repipe your home in a day. When we repipe your home, we do it right the first time and never cut corners. What we will do is make access where needed in a professional manner. We run all new CPVC of Pex pipe, plumb, true and hammer-free. We also professionally repair your drywall and refinish your walls so you don’t have to hire additional contractors following our work

Nothing is more frustrating than to hear your pipes banging in the wall when shutting off your faucet or after a toilet tank has flushed. Be assured, we take the extra time it takes to make sure every pipe is strapped properly to prevent banging. Believe it or not, some plumbers skip this important extra step when repiping to save them time and money.

Drain Line Repipes

Old cast iron drainpipes can thin out until they actually collapse and put your drains out of operation. If your cast iron drains are not cleaned regularly via high pressure water jetting or “Hydro-Jetting”, they will develop a heavy scale buildup that can cause a major flow obstruction and ultimately will lead to blockages and more expensive snake-outs. We can repipe those old cast iron drains with PVC plastic piping to give you a lifetime of trouble-free drains.

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