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Leak Detection by Indigo Plumbing in Fort Myers, FL

Why Southwest Florida Depends on Indigo Plumbing

Our leak detection and plumbing repair professionals in Fort Myers have all the technology, equipment, and experience to find any plumbing leak in plumbing systems. This includes new construction knowledge enabling us to service any home or condo, new or old. Our skilled technicians have specialized training and a thorough understanding of how plumbing systems are designed and work. You should only hire a qualified plumber to find a leak because time is money. After we find the leak, we can also make the repair on the spot to save you another service call, as well as prevent additional water loss and further damage to your home.

Do not waste anymore time. Indigo can prevent damages and additional costs for our Southwest Florida customers. We have 24/7 emergency responders to keep jobs on track, day or night. Our plumbing repair service vehicles are fully stocked with premium parts and equipment to keep jobs running smoothly and to eliminate downtime.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can cause damage to your home. This could cause the home to deteriorate prematurely and potentially cause health problems to you and your family. Dangerous “Black Mold” can start its growth process within just a few days after a water intrusion with our Florida climate.
Water leaks are most often noticed by a high water bill. This can be caused by something as minor as a toilet running or a leak under the slab (foundation). If you suspect that you have a leak on a water line, call Indigo Plumbing to isolate the source of the problem.

By using state-of-the-art slab leak locating equipment, combined with our extensive knowledge of plumbing systems in Southwest Florida, we are able to pinpoint the source of the leak and give you an estimate on what it will cost to repair it. If we discover a leak underneath your slab, we will expose the broken pipe in order to make the repair, by either tunneling under the slab, or temporarily removing a small section of concrete from above. Or, if cost effective, it may be best to repipe the leaking section of water pipe overhead, in the attic, and abandon the leaking pipe. Our technician will discuss which solution is appropriate for your particular situation.

Early leak detection and the repair of slab leaks help to prevent expensive foundation repairs. Water flowing out from the foundation of a home will wash out soil and put extra stress on the structure.

Leak Detection Services in Fort Myers

Plumbing Foundation Leaks:

Are you experiencing movement in your foundation? If so, a plumbing leak may be the cause. Water and sewer leaks under the slab foundation of the home could be making your house crack and move. With our leak location and repair service, Indigo Plumbing can fix the plumbing leak, and help to stop further erosion of the ground below your home. Using state of the art technology, we will check for leaks that are hidden below the surface of your home. Remember call us for leak detection and plumbing repair in Fort Myers.

24x7 Emergency Services

Indigo Plumbing hires only licensed, experienced plumbers who meet our high performance standards.